GH光電混合式指紋感測器 SPI介面

Mechanical Dimension
Product No:GH-8111
Application : Smart Phone, Tablet PC, Ultra Book, E-key, Smart
Card, Remote Controller,Safety Box, etc. that needs
personal authentication.  

Key Features

✔ Hybrid & CMOS technology

✔ High ESD resistance

✔ Work well with children, women, old man and dry, moist. or rough fingerprints

✔ Anti fake fingerprint.

✔ Anti high ambient light

✔ Scratch resistance

✔ Compact size

✔ Low power consumption

✔ High C/P ratio ✔ Patents protection

Mechanical Dimension(W x L x H) 14 x 15 x 1.3 mm
Effective Sensing Area 8.1 x 8.1 mm
Resolution 1,000 dpi
Active Pixels 320 x 320 pixels
Gray Scale Levels 256
Interface SPI
Power Supply I/O 1.2~3.3V (3.0 Nominal)
Power Consumption Active 30mA
Power Consumption Standby 5µA
ESD Protection Contact Discharge 15KV,
Air Discharge 15KV
Scratch Resistance Pencil hardness 6H
Operating Temperature -20°C~60°C
Operating Humidity 0%~80%, Non-condense
Surface Color Black
Anti High Ambient Light 1,000,000 LUX